Suddenly, the modest 27,000 capacity of Portland’s Civic Stadium, which the league fifa 15 coins had selected as the venue for Soccer Bowl 77, seemed utterly inadequate. Temporary seats accommodated an extra 8,500, but with the match promoted as Pelé’s last competitive appearance, they were scarcely enough. It was a mistake Phil Woosnam would not make again. A mistake – as big as they came – handed the Cosmos an early lead. Tony Chursky, Seattle’s Canadian goalkeeper (who attracted the attention of sportswriters by admitting to practising ballet to help his game), rolled the ball to the edge of his penalty area, only for Hunt to steal in and whack it into the net. The Sounders quickly equalised, but ten minutes from time Chinaglia won the match with a rare headed goal. Pelé’s American sojourn had ended as most had hoped. ‘God has been kind to me; now I can die,’ he declared, having exchanged his jersey with the Sounders’ Seattle-born defender Jim McAlister, a torch passed to the nation’s own young talent.

Two months later, a friendly in the Meadowlands between the Cosmos and Santos saw Pelé ‘returned to the people of Brazil’, playing a half for each team in a rainstorm that failed to dissuade 75,000 from saying farewell. ABC television got in on the act, broadcasting its first live soccer match and stage-managing proceedings with the help of such theoretical soccer fans as Danny Kaye, Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, and an elaborate ceremony involving Muhammad Ali and a host of others that threatened to supplant the actual game. But the charisma of the retiree shone through. Pelé scored, waved to the soggy crowd, burst into tears and was carried off the pitch as, some poetically claimed, ‘God cried’.

His mission seemed accomplished. Soccer had never been so popular. While the joy of playing it had been obvious for some time, Pelé had heightened interest in watching it and reading about it. Newspapers across the country now carried NASL results and wrote features on college and high school teams, printing photos invariably captioned with a reference to players ‘getting their kicks’. Magazines with titles such as Soccer Corner and Soccer Express – and, for a time, even a weekly soccer tabloid – appeared on newsstands. Bookstores made space for All About Soccer, Inside Soccer and The International Book of Soccer; Shep Messing even found a publisher for his autobiography, The Education of an American Soccer Player, written before his 29th birthday. The unfailing cultural barometer of television advertising now featured soccer players muddying their clothes or working up a thirst for the benefit of commerce.

What some had prophesied in 1967 as ‘instant major league’ had come to pass – it had just taken a few years longer than expected. Yet the handsome mansion the NASL had built for itself still lacked a sturdy foundation. Nobody had made any money yet, least of all the Cosmos, and most of the league’s membership remained anonymous outside a tiny circle of obsessive fans. But in the infectious spirit of the times, these seemed little more than bothersome details. Surely, soccer’s time had finally come.

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For a player with a knee injury, I again begin by working fifa 15 coins with breathing—with rhythm, inspiration, and direction. With the player in a comfortable position with his leg supported, I instruct him to focus on streaming energy down through his quadriceps and through the knee to his foot. Then I ask him to relax more deeply and focus on the specific spot in his knee where he experiences the most discomfort. One player focused on the inside of his left knee. He described the spot as being about the size of a silver dollar. When asked to choose a color that described the pain, he said it was bright red.

I explained to him that when we are injured, there is often swell- ing and tension in the area due to tissue damage. This swelling and tension serve to protect the area from further injury. I asked him to relax and breathe, to go deep into the injured area, and to allow the tissues there to relax. Then I asked him to send a heal- ing, soothing energy deep into the site of the injury. After a few moments of doing this, I asked him to sense what was going on in that spot and to describe the feeling. He reported that it felt as if something in the knee was twisted. I instructed him to relax and stream energy into the spot, and to imagine those tissues untwist- ing and strengthening.

Along with healing imagery, players are encouraged to do some positive performance imagery (slow-motion mental rehearsal) of skating well, handling the puck, head up, passing tape to tape, feel- ing good, and executing their game ABCs. Being mentally involved in rehab and using injury time to strengthen and develop new mental skills can help players maintain a positive attitude through- out the healing process.

As you can see, with most injuries, I advise the player to relax, breathe, and focus on the injured spot. Then I recommend that the player send a stream of soothing, healing energy into the area. I also recommend that he imagine the antidote to his perceived injury. By that I mean he should imagine untwisting what feels twisted, strengthening what has been stretched and weakened, and fusing what has been fractured.

If you feel an inflammation, you may want to cool it. If it’s more of a chronic injury or something you’ve had for a while, you may want to send warmth into the spot. It can help to visualize cool- ness and warmth as colors. Blues and greens are cooling, healing colors. Soft reds and gold are warming, healing colors.

Think heal, then imagine playing with ease. As I said earlier, these suggestions are to accompany and supplement physical treatment and physical therapeutic exercises. The key to the psychology of rehabilitation is being positive (taking response-ability for affect- ing change), doing the appropriate physical rehab, and releasing tension (dis-ease) and sending a soothing, healing energy to and through the area.

As you begin to make progress, it’s important to imagine yourself playing again, playing well and with confidence. If it’s a leg injury, first imagine skating with ease and in slow motion and then gradu- ally with jump and speed. If it’s a wrist injury, imagine handling the puck and then shooting well and without pain. The idea is to feel yourself doing the things you do well and visualize yourself doing them first in slow motion, then at game speed.

Richie Lucas, normally a quarter- back, was switched to the defensive side and fifa 15 ultimate team coins played well, picking off two Blanda passes. “I think I would have been better off playing the secondary. I practiced defensive halfback seven minutes a week. I played a half a game, and I intercepted two passes.”

“He could have been a heck of a safety,” said Elbert Dubenion. “He played safety one game, had two interceptions. But he didn’t like it because there wasn’t any glory in playing safety.”

Unfortunately for Lucas, who appeared to have at last found his niche after a full season and a half in Buffalo, the Houston game would be his last with the Bills. “I got this letter at home in Glassport,” he recalled. “My mother signs for it and has it for- warded to me in Buffalo. It said I was being called back into service. If my mother didn’t sign for that letter, it wouldn’t have been forwarded to Buffalo.”

The Bills played host to the woeful Oakland Raiders in the season’s final game at War Memorial Stadium. The 1-6 Raiders were just what the Bills needed—a patsy that they could beat up on to kick-start what had thus far been a lackluster season. But the Raiders were of the same mindset, and came into Buf- falo intent on reversing their own misfortunes.

The visitors scored on their first play from scrim- mage, as Tom Flores hit halfback Charley “Tornado” Fuller with an 85-yard touchdown pass, giving his team the 7-0 lead. Midway through the first quarter, the Bills’ Dewey Bohling fum- bled on the Raiders’ 16, and cornerback Fred William- son returned it to the Buf- falo 9. Moments later, Allen Miller scored his first touch- down of the game from one yard out, and the Raiders had a shocking 14-0 lead. At 2:23 of the second quarter and the ball on his own 37, Johnny Green—making his first appearance of the sea- son with the Bills—hit Elbert Dubenion with a bomb at the Oakland 25.

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