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With a country as large as Harborhead, there is often a problem fifa 15 coins moving both people and goods around quickly and efficiently. The office of the Punctual Purveyors was established to oversee transportation within Harborhead, ensuring that regularly scheduled transportation was avail- able to help facilitate commerce and tax collection and providing personal transports for the Dragon-Blooded who either live permanently in Harborhead or simply have reason to visit occasionally.

The bulk of the Punctual Purveyors’ work revolves around the trade caravans that run between the various outposts and towns throughout Harborhead. They own hundreds of yeddim, as well as other pack animals such as donkeys and camels. The Purveyors run caravans between the Realm interests in Harborhead — and even some of the neighboring countries — in an attempt to undercut the Guild’s operations wherever possible.

When necessary, the Purveyors’ wagon trains are sec- onded to support the actions of the 47th Legion. Troops and supplies need to move throughout the land quickly and efficiently, something that the Purveyors do moderately well. When the legion’s talons are in the field, the wagon trains shuttle food, water and other necessary supplies back and forth to ensure the fighting force remains at peak efficiency.

The Punctual Purveyors detest the Guild’s presence in Harborhead. They run caravans in the same way, which often puts the two’s interests at loggerheads. On more than one occasion, the antagonism between the two groups has led directly to brawls at rest stops. The Purveyors have deliberately copied the Guild’s methods, particularly when it comes to shipping goods, as they are tested and effective.

However, the Purveyors have suffered a bout of bud- get cutbacks in recent times. The income from the trading missions has been falling steadily in recent years, particu- larly in areas where the natives have rearmed and are beginning to look on the Realm as invaders. In some regions, the Purveyors are now no longer able to field as many caravans as they once did and are being forced to rent space on Guild caravans in those areas. The Guild is charging exorbitant rates in retaliation, while deliberately flooding the market in those regions with similar goods at much cheaper rates.

Within the Garrison itself, the Purveyors are respon- sible for providing transport for both people and goods. People either ride in horse-drawn carriages or in slave- carried litters. Each of the Dragon-Blooded is assigned several transports, which are permanently stationed with the household so as to be ready whenever the Exalt is ready to travel. Transportation is also made available to the more important Dynastic unExalted, although, in many cases, the assignment of transportation is not permanent, but can be summoned at any time of the day or night.

In general, therefore, rather than prescribe fifa 15 coins predetermined strategies, faith was placed in the sound sense that would emerge if the managers of the main organi- zations sat down together to work out how best to deal with a particular event. It placed a good deal of responsibility in the hands of senior police officers, with their experience of traffic and crowd control, to advise event organizers on matters such as ground capacity. It also displayed a degree of expectation and trust in the way crowds behaved. Press reports of the events at Wembley played their part in fostering such an assumption, as did the evidence of the police. An example of this was found in the reports of both Landon and Belcher, when they commented pointedly on the fact that, in spite of the chaos at Wembley, the cash boxes with the turnstile takings had been transported safely from the turnstiles to the main office. Disorder, of which there was plenty, did not imply lawlessness. Crowds acted better for minimum policing, as phrases such as ‘sorting themselves out’ and ‘knowing a ground’ suggested. Indeed, the situation at Wembley was partly accounted for by the stadium’s not being a ‘home’ ground for any club, and there- fore having no ‘home’ spectators who were habituated to its layout and peculiari- ties. For all these reasons, therefore, Shortt and his committee held back from making recommendations that depended on legislation to ensure the safety of crowds at large sporting events. The committee’s dilemma over the proper balance between the legal and the voluntary approach was nicely captured in a letter from Frank Pick to Arthur Henderson shortly after the report’s publication in March 1924:

The subject … turned out [Pick wrote] to be a much more difficult one than I imagined. There seemed to be no easy way of dealing with it: either very little had to be done, or a great deal had to be done … I hope … we have produced a report which will be generally acceptable, and which will effect some improvement without at the same time establishing any elaborate system of control of sports’ [sic] grounds.

As time was to prove, and as other studies in this collection show, this faith in the principle of self-regulation was misplaced. Many of the Shortt committee’s recommendations on safety were either casually administered or ignored altogether.

The chief legacy of Wembley 1923, therefore, is to be found in its impact on the minds, rather than the bodies, of English people. In this respect Wembley was to take its place alongside another event that became emblematic of British character in the twentieth century: Dunkirk. It is not by any kind of fictional accident that Ian McEwan made Dunkirk the centrepiece of his novel Atonement.59 It is a cardi- nal metaphor for a novelist interested in exploring British manners and social rela- tionships. The industrial port in northern France has possessed a particular resonance for British people since the events there in the summer of 1940 when a serious military defeat was prevented from being an outright disaster by the mass evacuation of troops. But instead of being a warning of the consequences of outmoded thinking and poor leadership – things in themselves to be atoned for – Dunkirk was remembered in the public mind as a symbol of the courage, disci- pline and self-sacrifice of soldiers and civilians. Until well into the late twentieth century, the name ‘Dunkirk’ instantly evoked thoughts and images of the British people and their character, in many cases working its meaning on people who knew little of the historical circumstances of 1940. It was perhaps the central British myth of the second half of the twentieth century, speaking of a spirit to be invoked when times were hard to pull the nation out of its troubles. Prior to Dunkirk, and then in company with it, the events at Wembley in 1923 provided a similar mythic vision. On that spring afternoon was seen a nation in microcosm, caught up in disorder but sorting itself out with good sense and minimal guidance. As with Dunkirk the myth took precedence over the lessons to be learnt, prevent- ing a serious consideration of those lessons. The reasons are many why it took so long before statutory regulation of sports crowds was introduced in England, but the myth of the British crowd is one of them.

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