Opinions are varied among polo aficionados as to who is best qualified to be a good polo umpire. In Argentina, for many years high-goal players who were also competing in the tour- nament umpired the Open Championship. Although in theory this practice may have flaws, in practice it worked fairly well. The advantage was that individuals accustomed to the pace of Open Championship polo controlled the games; it is a world of difference to play and officiate at 20-goal level compared to 30-plus goal level. The biggest disadvantage was that some players were pressured to umpire critical games, the result of which might affect their own team chances in the tournament.

The survey’s results suggest that high-handicap players prefer their peers to be umpires. The voters were also asked to explain what they thought were the prime characteristics for an umpire. The overwhelming opinion was that the two most important qualities were absolute knowledge of the rules of polo and the capacity to exude and exercise authority.

There have been examples of excellent umpires who were low-handicap players. José “Pepe” Resano was an icon in Argentina and much sought after as an umpire ; his handicap was a modest 2 goals. No player — high handicap or beginner — ever dared to question his judgment. “Don Pepe” was a man of absolute integrity and knew the rulebook to a fault. Santiago “Diego” Cavanagh, Jr., was a 6-goal player in the 1930s who was thought to be the best umpire of his times. Diego Cavanagh officiated in the Olympic Games and at Meadow Brook in the series for the Cup of the Americas.

Australia’s Peter Roberts was a non-playing umpire who rose to international status. Ini- tially, Mr. Roberts was viewed with reluctance and had to earn the players’ respect, which he did by learning the rules of the game by heart and by officiating games with authority and calm manners. His reputation is such that he is considered the benchmark for all Australian umpires.

Tom Skene, a cousin of the celebrated Bob Skene, was an umpire for more than a quar- ter of a century. In is own time, like José Resano in Argentine, Tom Skene never faced abuse or defiance. The New South Wales Polo Association requested that he write a report on umpir- ing : “Players do not necessarily make good umpires, and this includes high-goal players. It is a test of their integrity and an unfair one to put them in the position of umpiring , not least in the semi-finals of tournaments they are contesting against their deadliest rivals.”

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As with all control systems, there is some delay between making an action de- cision and http://www.fifa15sale.com perceiving the consequences of that action in the environment. All stages of the control loop contribute to the control delay that is also known as dead time. Although image capture, computer vision, and behavior control run at a rate of 30 Hz, motion control runs at 80 Hz, and the entire system is opti- mized to minimize delay, all the small delays caused by the individual stages add up to about 100 to 150 ms. For the purposes of control, all delays can be aggre- gated to a single dead time. This is illustrated in Fig. 2(a). If a robot moves at 2 m/s and the dead time is 100 ms, the robot will travel a distance of 20 cm before we perceive the consequences of an action decision. This causes problems when robots move fast, producing overshooting or oscillations in movement control.

In order to measure the system delay, we use the following simple technique. We let the robot drive along the field with a speed that is determined by a sinusoidal function. This means, the robot moves back and forth with maximum speed in the middle of the path, slowing down and changing direction at both turning points. We then measure the time between sending the command to change the direction of motion and perceiving a direction change of the robot’s movement.

There are many possibilities to counter the adverse effects of the control delay. The easiest way would be to move slower, but this is frequently not desirable,since fast movement is a decisive advantage in play. Another possibility would be to reduce precision requirements, but this would lead to unnecessary collisions with other players and uncontrolled ball handling.

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Great Britain was represented by three serving army officers and <a href="http://www.fifa15sale.com">buy fifa 15 coins</a> Lord Wodehouse, a 10- goal player who was killed during the London Blitz . The other players were the international Lt. Col. Teignmouth Melvill, who was the commanding officer of the 17th/21st Lancers, Maj. Frederick Barrett and Maj. Vyvyan Lockett, both winners of the Westchester Cup at Meadow Brook .

The Spaniards were the Marqués Alvaro de Villabrágima, the Duque Hernando de Peñaranda, the Conde Leopoldo de La Maza and the Duque Santiago de Alba . Villabrágima is considered the best Spanish player ever. The Duke of Peñaranda was an 8-goal player and his older brother “Jimmy” Alba was a four-goaler.

The United States was meagerly represented by a team formed by officers from the Army of the Occupation of the Rhine. Capt. Arthur Harris, Capt. Terry Allen and Capt. John Montgomery were led by Col. Nelson Margetts.9 Brig. Gen. Terry de la Mesa Allen had a dis- tinguished career in two world wars, being wounded twice at St. Mihiel in the first and com- manding the 1st Infantry Division, the “Big Red One,” in the second. Allen was described as having the bowed stride of a horseman saddle-hardened as a child. Gen. Terry Allen made Time magazine’s cover on 9 August 1943.

Capt. John Carter Montgomery was a previous winner of an Olympic bronze medal, in his case in the equestrian competition in Stockholm in 1912, with his horse Deceive. Col. Margetts led his American Army team when they took the Novices’ Tournament at Ranelagh, and later on had a long career in America and the Far East.

The competition started with the match between Spain and the United States. The strong Spanish team was well mounted, so they easily defeated the Americans 13–3. The following day it rained intermittently ; however, the show went on and England beat Belgium 8–3. Two days later, the American team vanquished the host country 11–3 to take the bronze medal. On 31 July, in the best match of the tournament, Great Britain beat Spain 13–11. The chron- icle records that the Spaniards were much better mounted than the British. In fact, the Span- ish Grandees had brought over their best mounts, while the British officers had to rely upon their regimental ponies. Thus, Great Britain retained the Olympic crown they had conquered in London twelve years earlier. Lord Wodehouse was the squad’s only member who had par- ticipated in the 1908 games.

In 1920 at the Antwerp games, there was a considerable amount of mismanagement and confusion; rules were not clearly defined; certain officials were incompetent or prejudiced. Gross injustice seemed at times to prevail. Yet, in its official report, the American Olympic Committee, recalling those incidents, stated, “In the days of a generation back, bloody war would have been fought over less, but there at Antwerp, while they stormed and swore, thou- sands who offended learned — and some for the first time — that you can compete without hate, lose and yet smile, win and still be gracious; that to cheer for the other team is better sportsmanship than to cheer for your own, and that to hiss or boo your opponents because you are beaten is to be held up to ridicule and contempt in the eyes of sportsmen.”

How to Use a Scuba Lift Bag

Netting and straps have their pros and cons when it comes to lifting objects with a scuba lift bag. Straps are easier to wrap around the object but offer less security in the event a strap breaks. Netting is usually much harder to wrap around an object because it is resting on the sea bottom but offers more security.

Take care to avoid heavy breathing while underwater. Carbon dioxide http://www.hhbon.com/balenciaga-c-1/ might build up in your mouthpiece faster than it can be purged, which can result in unconsciousness and drowning.

If you are sending on object to the surface, watch it as it ascends. If the straps or netting holding the object to the bag break, it will fall straight back down and might not make very much noise along the way to warn you of the accident.

Do not overfill the lift bag. The air inside the bag will expand as the surrounding water pressure decreases, giving the bag more lift and further expanding the bag. Too much air in the bag on the bottom could cause the bag to burst before it reaches the surface.